About Us

What is the Mid-Hudson Intergroup?

The Mid-Hudson Intergroup consists of Overeaters Anonymous meetings and groups from the following geographical locations in New York State: Ulster, Orange, Dutchess, Greene, Sullivan and Columbia counties.

Some of the services that the Mid-Hudson Intergroup provides:

  • Maintains the Mid-Hudson Intergroup web site.
  • Maintains a Hotline: an answering machine with a recorded message giving information about meetings and phone numbers for contact people.
  • Publishes PACE, a bimonthly newsletter.
  • Coordinates and distributes Mid-Hudson OA meeting lists.
  • Sponsors special events (marathons, workshops, etc.)
  • Distributes Mid-Hudson Intergroup meeting minutes and regional and national event information.
  • Maintains a list of OA speakers for member groups.
  • Responds to mail and phone inquiries about Overeaters Anonymous.
  • Provides information about out-of-town meetings to members when they travel.
  • Provides information about meetings to visiting out-of-town OA members.
  • Informs healthcare and other professionals about OA.
  • Carries the OA message to compulsive overeaters who don’t yet know about the program.
  • Provides representatives for Mid-Hudson Overeaters Anonymous groups at the regional and national level where policy is set and literature developed.

Are You Represented?

Each OA group is encouraged to send a representative to Mid-Hudson Intergroup meetings to vote on matters affecting OA and to relay information to their home meeting.

Representatives from all groups are needed for MHIG to be of the greatest service. Please be sure that every group you attend is represented. If a group has no representation, why not volunteer?

You need not be an elected representative to come to MHIG meetings or to give service through our committees. Don’t wait for someone else to do it!